Monday, January 7, 2013

April Showers Bring More Monograms

Many people are beginning to open up their own small monogram shops, whether it be online, or in little shops near you. It seems as thought the monogram business is booming thanks to sites like Pinterest. Marley and Lily and The Pink Monogram are probably some of the more well known monogram shops in the South or at least to me. As the new year starts, so does the wonderful spring season, which of course brings us some "April showers". A while back I was really looking to purchase some monogrammed rain boots, but all the ones I had found were in the price range of $60-100. Which was way out of my price range for a pair of boots that were going to get all wet. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to my local outdoors store and purchased a pair of cute $14 rain boots. (I got mine from Academy, but you could also find a cheap pair from Target or Walmart). I chose a pair of simple black rain boots, because any color monogram goes with black, and I hadn't quiet decided what color I wanted the monogram to be. Then I took the rain boots to a monogram shop in a little shopping center near my house and asked if they thought they would be able to monogram the rain boots for me. They said there was no guarantee the boots would turn out perfect since rubber is kind of hard to work with, but they said that they would try their hardest to make it work! I took the risk of them not working out being that they were only a $14 pair of rain boots. In the end I ended up with a pair of amazingly monogrammed rain boots that only cost me $12 per boot monogram having the total add up to around $40, saving me a TON of money instead of paying almost $100 for a pair online! I wear them all the time and seem to always get compliments on them every time I wear them out. Hopefully this little trick can help you save some extra cash for your next monogrammed item!

Here are a few pictures of my boots

(above) What the inside of the boot monogram looks like

My boot compared to the boot I wanted to purchase, I even like mine more!

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