Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Latest Addition to the Monogram Collection

Hello everyone! So lately many people at my school have been carrying water bottles around with them, which is much more environmentally friendly than plastic water bottles. For Christmas I had been looking online for the cute monogrammed Turvis Tumbler water bottles I had seen plastered all over Pinterest for my sister. I couldn't seem to find any with the monogram on the inside of the bottle, it seemed as though they were all hand painted monograms on the outside. Now don't get me wrong, it's super creative, just not very durable for an everyday sort of water bottle. So of course, being the crafty gal I am, I started another monogram project. I first went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased the water bottle, it wasn't more than $20 and is real durable! Then I headed over to my favorite website Etsy and found http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissHeatherAnne a cute little shop selling monogram stickers in tons of sizes, colors, and fonts that are made out of indoor/outdoor vinyl, used for bumper stickers (in that case, dishwasher thumbs up!) The monogram was super easy to apply to the water bottle and hasn't peeled at all. So before you spend up to $30 on a hand painted, monogrammed Turvis Tumbler water bottle that could easily chip off, turn your creative juices on, head over to Etsy, and you could save a ton!

These are a few pictures of me and my sisters water bottles.

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